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African products for African mines

“We manufacture what we believe are the best cranes and hoists for and strive for a reputation as the go-to company for mines.”

Pandemic spurs on IIoT in mining

The pandemic has catalysed businesses to increase reliance on Industry 4.0, and particularly IIOT, in order to maintain business continuity.

The future of mining: How do we ensure technology is embraced?

As mines across mature and drilling becomes harder, technology will extend mine life by enabling existing resources to be maximised.

Battery production in the DRC could be gamechanger

It could cost $39million to build a 10,000 metric-ton cathode precursor plant in the DRC - 3 times cheaper than one in US would cost.

Mining Charter: No appeal by DMRE welcomed

"We believe that this decision will lead to more investment in the mining sector which is needed for job creation in the mainstream economy."

Webinar: German know-how delivers technological innovation in mining

The German Mining Network offers companies from Germany a platform that accelerates access to information from relevant commodity markets .

Webinar: How can African mine operators make Mining 4.0 a reality?

Investments in Mining 4.0 solutions have sharply increased over the past years and is increasing in relevance for Africa's mines.