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Barrick responds to potentially misleading Reuters report

The ambiguous wording could create the erroneous impression that Barrick exports gold or other products through the port of Durban.

25 Year mining licence issued for Lofdal heavy rare earths project

The project is being developed to provide a sustainable supply of heavy rare earths to Japan.

Next commodities super-cycle will be driven by global energy transition

Fossil fuels won’t be in the vanguard and the winners will be the industrial metals needed to electrify society.
Sibanye-Stillwater lithium

Lion Battery Technologies granted third patent in the United States

It covers a method using PGM catalysts in carbon materials for use as cathodes with increased emphasis on Lithium Sulphur Batteries.

Two apron feeders installed remotely to circumvent pandemic constraints

The order was carried out during Covid-19 pandemic conditions, with installation and commissioning assistance provided remotely.

How can working environments in the ASM sector be improved?

While the ASM sector has grown, its progress in improving and bringing the sector under effective regulatory control has lagged behind.

China maintains grip on battery chemical industry

By 2030, under BloombergNEF’s least cost Economic Transition Scenario, annual demand for lithium-ion batteries will pass 2.7 TWh.
ASM Cobalt mining

Avoidance of DRC and its cobalt won’t solve persisting ethical problems

The issues of child labour, hazardous working conditions and unfair remuneration within the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) artisanal and small scale mining (ASM) sector will not be solved by simply avoiding the DRC and choosing not to buy cobalt that originates from the country.

Marking the progress of wiping out child labour in the DRC

“Eradicating child labour is of paramount importance to ensure a safe, sustainable future for mining communities in the DRC."
cobalt drc

Targeted interventions have large impact on DRC artisanal cobalt sector

Increasing momentum in achieving transparency in global EV supply chains is paramount at a time when growth in global cobalt demand continues to grow.

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