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BlueRock Diamonds’ Q2,2021 results confirm market resilience

“The market has remained firm through Q2 with a strong buyer presence at the local tenders and a robust demand for the Kareevlei product."

Kareevlei diamond mine: Process optimisation = optimal production

A key focus of the expansion plan is achieving the correct economies of scale on both the mining and processing sides of the operations.
BlueRock Diamonds

Bluerock Diamonds to double production at Kareevlei

BlueRock Diamonds plc, will implement a new mining plan at its Kareevlei diamond mine in the Kimberley region to increase production.
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BlueRock sells 5th diamond in excess of US$50 000

BlueRock Diamonds has sold a 7.63 carat diamond for USD52,000 (USD6,815/carat).
BlueRock Diamonds

BlueRock Diamonds raises £860 000 to further develop Kareevlei mine

BlueRock Diamonds’ blast programme, at the Kareevlei mine, has now completed the removal of the calcrete cap (at a level of 0 m to...

BlueRock Diamonds raises £350,000 to expand mining activities

AIM-listed BlueRock Diamonds has raised an aggregate of £350,000 the majority of which will be used to expedite the development of KV01 (Pipe 1) in South Africa.

BlueRock Diamonds begins processing higher-grade KV1 kimberlite ore

AIM-listed diamond producer BlueRock Diamonds has commence kimberlite processing from its second kimberlite pipe – the high-grade KV1.
Bluerock Diamonds

BlueRock Diamonds secures loan facility to further develop Kareevlei mine

The loan facility will be used to by BlueRock Diamonds to purchase essential equipment for the efficient and cost effective operation of the mine. The loan...
BlueRock Diamonds

BlueRock Diamonds increases its crushing capacity at Kareevlei

AIM-listed diamond miner BlueRock Diamonds has completed an upgrade to the crushing circuit, including the installation of a larger cone crusher at its Kareevlei diamond mine in the Kimberley region of South Africa.

BlueRock Diamonds ups diamond processing capacity at Kareevlei

The crushing circuit at BlueRock Diamonds’ Kareevlei diamond mine in the Kimberley region of South Africa is now processing at or above the company’s target production level of around 80 tph.

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