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GREENFIELDS: Khoemacau Copper Mining – Khoemacau

The Khoemacau project represents a shot in the arm for Botswana’s mining sector, which has suffered some setbacks recently.
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Sentinel Copper production during 2020 saved jobs

Globally the company recorded a gross profit of US$443 million for the fourth quarter of 2020, and US$1.1 billion for the full year.
Orion Minerals Okiep Copper Complex

Orion to fast-track exploration and evaluation of Okiep copper district

“OCC is delivering in spades and provides us with new opportunities to fast-track our evaluation of this global copper district."

Orion Minerals continues to bet on copper and so should you

Virtually no time has passed between the acquisition announcement and the release of the maiden mineral resource estimate at ASX-listed copper developer Orion Minerals' Okiep Copper Complex.
Orion Minerals Okiep Copper Complex

Orion looks to secure Okiep Copper Complex

The Okiep Copper Complex combined with the Prieska Copper-Zinc Project will transform Orion into a significant base metals mining house.
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Copper outlook – early-stage bull market

An increased demand for a construction-led global recovery coupled with high demand is outstripping supply.
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Why we need a holistic approach for responsible copper production

Global supply chains have become incredibly complex and sophisticated. At the same time, there is a growing awareness of ESG risks.

KEFI Gold and Copper eyeing 2022 gold production

With Ethiopia set on unlocking its mining potential, KEFI is serious about contributing to the country’s mining sector
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Jubilee nearly doubles rights to copper tailings in Zambia

Jubilee has concluded further copper tailings transactions to secure the rights to an additional approximately 115 Mt of copper and cobalt.
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Castillo Copper confirms eight priority targets at its Mkushi project

LSE and ASX-listed base metal explorer Castillo Copper has confirmed eight priority targets at its 100% owned Mkushi project in Zambia’s copper-belt following its recently completed systematic infill soil sampling campaign.

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