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Gem diamonds

Value for De Beers’ latest diamond sale hits $450 million

De Beers Group has continued to implement a more flexible approach to rough diamond sales during the ninth sales cycle of 2020.
Gem diamonds

De Beers’ eighth sales cycle of 2020 valued at $467 million

De Beers Group has continued to implement a more flexible approach to rough diamond sales during the eighth sales cycle of 2020.
de beers safety

De Beers Safety summit reaffirms drive to eliminate fatalities

“De Beers Group held its first CEO Safety Summit in 2017 and it has now become a permanent part of our calendar, being held twice a year.
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Runner-up: Excellence in Environmental Sustainability – De Beers Group

Towards the middle of 2019 De Beers Group had relocated 100 elephants from its Venetia Nature Reserve in South Africa to a national park in Mozambique.

Runner-up: Excellence in Diamonds – Debswana

The Debswana Diamond Company, a 50/50 JV between the government of Botswana and De Beers, announced a new life extension project for Jwaneng, in Botswana.
De Beers Venetia

TECH NEWS: OEM forms part of long term plans at Venetia

Metso will deliver high-performance crushing and material handling equipment to the De Beers Group Venetia mine, located in Limpopo Province, South Africa.
De Beers Venetia

The bright future of De Beers in South Africa

The closure of De Beers’ Voorspoed mine has seen it invest its time and energy into transitioning Venetia mine from open cast mine to underground.

Emerald projects benefit from diamond sorting technology

By adapting one of its XRF diamond sorting range of machines, De Beers Group Technology has created a secure and efficient sorting solution for emeralds.
De Beers

De Beers Group’s Willemien Potgieter: engineering Zero Harm

De Beers Group’s commitment to safety is unique. This is the viewpoint of the company’s current principal safety lead Willemien Potgieter.

Heroines and Heritage celebrated in Botswana through diamond design

De Beers Group has announced the winners of the 2018/2019 installment of its Designer Initiative at the 2019 Shining Light Awards Banquet in Gaborone.

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