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Cybersecurity risks – is a skills deficit the challenge?

Businesses recognise their approaches to cybersecurity must be strengthened but are not yet taking the practical steps to safeguard their IoT deployments.

Mining vulnerable to cybersecurity risks

A vast majority of companies agree that they must strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities, but say they lack the skills and technology.

IoT and health & safety compliance in the mining industry

IoT is set to grow by 23% by 2019 with industrial applications accounting for a whopping 84% of the $500 billion market globally.

Beckhoff Automation discusses the importance of Industrie 4.0

Beckhoff Automation shares its insights of the importance of Industrie 4.0 and some of the innovations it has introduced to the market.

IIoT: reducing the environmental impact of the mining sector

Improving the environmental sustainability of their operations through the adoption of IoT technologies is a priority for the mining sector.

Internet of Things will help mining companies remain competitive

Businesses in the mining industry are backing the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them retain their market share as competition in the sector...

Opinion piece: Improving the safety of miners with IoT

South Africa’s mining deaths have reduced considerably over the past several years. In 2016, the industry recorded only 73 fatalities.

Joint ventures in IoT will kick-start ailing industries

Connecting physical objects to the internet and ensuring these can “talk” in the cloud may sound like something best left to science fiction writers.

What lurks inside: cyber threats cannot be ignored

As the mining industry moves towards IoT and automation to boost productivity and efficiency, it has inadvertently opened itself up to cyber attacks.

EXCLUSIVE: Coal is here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future

One of the things that struck me in a recent business trip to Europe, was the significant increase in the number of electric vehicles...