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Loesche South Africa: Transforming the milling industry

“Our strict procurement policies have proved to be very effective in achieving our BEE procurement targets."- Jonathan Smith, sales manager at Loesche SA.

Compact and mobile plants from Loesche

The Loesche Compact Plants provide the answer for both start-up and existing operations, where there is a demand for operations to become bigger.

Loesche: Hitting the junior market with force

Loesche offers various investment options that make the purchase of its mills a viable option for miners who have yet to start generating cash.
Loesche technology

Milling masters: Loesche delivers industry-changing technology

Quality and reliability in heavy machinery, this is German engineering at its best and Loesche has excelled in all spheres of the milling industry.

Loesche: Changing the milling game across the globe

Loesche has incorporated digital technology into its service offering – introduced to market through an internally designed operating software.

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