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Minerals Council addresses outdated TB data used by media

The data attributed to the World Bank in the Reuters article is outdated by a decade states the Minerals Council South Africa.

Minerals Council condemns murder of mining community leader

The Minerals Council South Africa was shocked to hear of the murder by shooting of mining community leader, Fikile Ntshangase.

Counting the cost of the pandemic in South Africa

The Minerals Council South Africa reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on its efforts to fight other diseases.
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Minerals Council South Africa observes Global Ethics Day 2020

The Minerals Council is using this day to reinforce members’ commitment to the Membership Compact, its code of ethical business conduct.

Minerals Council reprioritises occupational health in the era of COVID-19

Dr Thuthula Balfour unpacks the Minerals Council South Africa’s strategy of reprioritising its health programme in the era of COVID-19.
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Robust virus testing is key to SA mining industry’s COVID-19 response

The Minerals Council South Africa believes that the COVID-19 testing initiatives undertaken by its member companies was an important tool used by the mining industry, firstly, to better understand the progress of the virus, and secondly, to better manage the spread of the virus.
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Minerals Council launches first National Day of Women in Mining

The Minerals Council South Africa launched the first National Day of Women in Mining on 21 August 2020.
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Minerals Council: regulatory certainty crucial for investment

The Minerals Council agrees that regulatory certainty is imperative if South Africa is going to attract investment in the industry.
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Minerals Council’s research critical for mining industry

The Minerals Council recognises that fundamental research is critical to support the mining industry and others in dealing with the impact of COVID-19.
South Africa coronavirus covid-19

MCSA and members fight stigmatization of COVID-19

Minerals Council South Africa and its members place a great deal of emphasis on education and communication both for employees and communities.

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