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Ability eMine: Fast-tracking the transition to all-electric mines

Advancement in digital solutions is helping to ensure that mining operations are environmentally sustainable. One such solution is ABB’s Ability eMine which is geared towards accelerating the move towards a zero-carbon mine.

eMine comprises a portfolio of electrification technologies which makes the all-electric mine possible from mine to port and is integrated with digital applications and services to monitor and optimize energy usage.

It can electrify any mining equipment across hoisting, grinding, hauling and material handling. It also incorporates the eMine Trolley System which can reduce diesel consumption by up to 90%, significantly lowering energy costs and environmental impact.

“The global mining industry is undergoing one of the most significant and important transformations of our generation – and that is to become zero-carbon,” says Max Luedtke, global head of mining at ABB.

“eMine is an exciting milestone to help convert existing mining operations from fossil fuel energy to all-electric.

Mines can become ever more energy efficient with vastly reduced levels of CO₂ emissions, while at the same time staying competitive and ensuring high productivity.”

A major milestone for the transition to all-electric trucks

eMine is underpinned by MineOptimize, a platform that optimizes engineering in the design of the plant or mine and facilitate the transition to the digital and CO₂ free mine of the future. From 2022, it will include eMine FastCharge, the world’s fastest and most powerful charging system, designed to interface with all makes of electric mining haul trucks. 

FastCharge can serve as a cornerstone of the transition to fully electrified mines across the industry. This flexible and fully automated solution is being designed for the harshest environments, can be installed anywhere and can charge any electric truck without human intervention at up to 600 kW, the highest power available on today’s market to minimize the downtime of mobile assets.

Charging time will depend on the battery capacity onboard the haul truck and the operational profile, however in many instances a suitable state of charge could be reached within 15 minutes. With eMine, ABB is extending its capabilities to the electrification of mining trucks and technologies for the full hauling process.

eMine provides integral design planning and thinking to maximise the value of electrification, helping to design the hauling process in the most optimised way with electrical solutions that match mine constraints and help meet production targets. ABB helps mine operators map their journey towards an all-electric mine from phasing out diesel to embedding a new mindset and new team skills.

By fully integrating electrification and digital systems from the mine to the port, eMine further reduces overall costs and improves mine performance while significantly lowering environmental impact.

“We are celebrating 130 years in the mining industry and decades in the electrification of mining equipment,” adds Mehrzad Ashnagaran, global product line manager: electrification and composite plant.

“Besides the environmental benefits, fuel price volatility, making electricity more cost competitive, and legislation are driving the move to electric-powered mines. ABB understands these requirements and we can also equip the industry to meet them.”