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Axis House: Global mineral processing reagent specialists

The core business of Axis House is understanding the needs of mineral processing clients and to address them with quality products, people and service.

Axis House is a supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry with clients across the globe.

The principal focus of Axis House in mineral processing, is to develop, optimize and implement custom reagents for clients.

Their expertise lies in the entire chain of the processing and metal production – covering flotation, dewatering, precipitation, solvent extraction and electro-winning.

Over the years, Axis House’s offering has expanded from mostly oxide copper flotation to a wider range of metals and minerals.

Reagent development and application studies in their metallurgical laboratory has exposed a growth in their reagent range and offering.

Collectors, frothers and depressants are now successfully applied in the oxide as well as in the sulphide copper flotation process.

The common problems experienced in the processing of minerals has inspired the research and development of their proprietary reagents.

The recovery of chalcopyrite form pyrite and the recovery of difficult to float minerals like chrysocolla, has always been problematic in flotation and these are large focus areas for the Axis House team of experts.

As a result, selective flotation in high pyrite containing ores has been successfully implemented in copper processing plants in Zambia.

Axis House has branched out into other mineral types such as PGMs, lithium and rare earth elements.

They continue to develop and implement novel reagents in the mineral processing operations, showing continued growth in their offering to the mineral processing industry.

In addition, selective collectors and frothers as well as depressants are continuously evaluated and improved to better suit specific applications at the client’s operations.

Axis House’s TLQ2-DX and specific blends of the Hydrofroth frother range are some examples of selective collectors and frothers that have shown to improve grade and reduce contamination in concentrates.

Innovation also extends to the hydro-metallurgical process, where constant research and development is done on smoothing agents for the electro-winning circuits, flocculants in the leach circuits and pH modifiers in the precipitation circuits.

Laboratory scale equipment and in some cases pilot scale equipment, are implemented to simulate these processes in which reagent and operational conditions are studied.

The understanding of the mechanisms of these processes are essential to developing and implementing novel products into the process.

The Axis House range of reagents are applied to various separation processes. In flotation, the collector, depressant and frother range is applied to separate hydrophobic and hydrophilic minerals and thus selectively upgrading the minerals of interest (copper, cobalt, PGM, lead, zinc, etc).

In the dewatering/thickenings process, Axis House’s Bronte range of flocculants are applied in the solid liquid separation with the focus on cleaner process water for reuse in the process and solids densities suitable for the next process.

In the hydro-metallurgical processes, metal extraction is from leach solutions are achieved with extractants and diluents, thus separating the valuable metals of interest from the leach solution.

Axis House’s magnesia products are also employed in the cobalt precipitation stage, selectively precipitating cobalt from leach solutions containing other metals such as manganese, iron and aluminium, etc.

In the electro-winning stage, Axis House’s smoothing agents are employed to improve the copper extraction and the smoother plating of cathodes.

With all separation processes and the implementation of the Axis House products, the downstream processes are always considered, thus ensuring that products are efficient in the specific process while not having a negative effect on the next process.

Axis House partners with mineral processing operations and therefore, not only produces chemical reagents, but are also actively involved in optimizing the process operation.

From flotation to hydro-metallurgy, their metallurgists strive to understand their customers’ operations and specific problems to find solutions.

Laboratory experiments are designed according to the requirements of the customer’s process, grade and recovery in order to achieve these targets.