Companies around the world are looking at optimisation options for their mill and processes, be it cement or ores.

The race to exploit the opportunities is what matters, however it will make better commercial sense to have the option of opting out of a given market and relocating to a newly identified, more profitable one with very little capital cost.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 5, 2020
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Since 1906, Loesche has consistently introduced new grinding technologies to meet its customers’ needs. Building on this tradition, the company has designed compact milling plants that are able to mill a range of products such as cement (CCG), coal (CGP) and ores (OGP).

And that is not all – the Loesche Compact Plants provide the answer for both start-up and existing operations, where there is a demand for operations to become bigger.

To make it even more versatile, you can specify additional equipment that will expand the compact plants to stand-alone systems that can handle the complete grinding of products and loadout or recovery processes.

The “thinking” behind the compact plants is the short delivery time, with minimised installation and commissioning.  The bottom line is that you can enter the market quickly with profitable production and recoveries.

Compact cement grinding plants (CCG)

The CCG is a small-scale grinding plant designed to produce different types of cement.  At the heart of Loesche’s well-proven, state-of-the art plants are the mills.

The LM 15.2 CS, LM 24.2 CS and the LM30.3CS give the potential owner a range of products and tonnages including packing as well as bulk out loading.

Ore grinding plants (OGP).

This plant can be used in two applications, the first being a proof of concept scenario were the plant is located at the site to process ore and recover the minerals in a continuous laboratory type environment.

The second is a larger scale OGP which has been developed to process small scale deposits where large type operations were not financially viable. Due to the plant being built in containers, the plant is easily installed and easily relocated when done. These plants also come with various recovery circuits to suite the ore type.

Coal grinding plants (CGP)

Loesche’s containerised coal milling plant is specifically designed to supply thermal processes with pulverised fuel.  The plant, developed by Loesche, is housed within containers which enables it to be utilised at any location.

This mobile plant can process all types of coal under almost all environmental and physical conditions. This plant also complies with all EU and ISO standards and safety regulations for pulverised fuels.

Coupled to this plant, Loesche can also supply decentralised processing plants such as:

  • Asphalt mixing plants. This would be a CGP mobile plant with a burner to either dry or heat asphalt products.
  • Process steam plants. This would be a CGP mobile plant with a steam generator.
  • Process heat plants. This would be a CGP mobile plant with a hot gas generator to generate process heat for drying.
  • Decentralised power plants. This will be a CGP mobile plant with a steam generator and steam turbine for the production of electricity.

Due to some of the remote locations where these plants can be used, Loesche has also made the control systems for the mills versatile and user-friendly.

The PLC system offers a user interface allowing all critical controls and signals to be displayed on one screen which ensures ease of use for critical decision making and plant control.

Loesche is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction with modern innovative designs, delivering the best possible capital and operational expenditure to allow the owner to be competitive in their market.

Coupled to the plants is Loesche’s professional and effective maintenance options and onsite support.

Jonathan Smith
Sales Manager