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Fadi A. Ghazale, MD of AG Vision Mining Ltd

Exclusive interview with Fadi A. Ghazale – Managing Director of AG Vision Mining Ltd.

1) Let’s start with some background on AG Vision and your work in the mining sector?

AG Vision Mining Ltd. (AGVM), provides tailor-made consulting services across the full geological spectrum. Our team is formed of high caliber senior geological consultants. We aim at banking on our on-going global associations, relationships and affiliations to help support our team to deliver unique geological solutions accustomed to the Nigerian market and clients.

Our team of geoscientists, exploration geologists, production and mine engineers and corporate finance wxecutives boast extensive experience in the development and management of complex projects of all sizes from conception through planning, design and implementation, to final interpretation, reporting and analysis.

AGVM’s management team has a thorough understanding of the JORC code and its associated mechanisms and can ensure that reports will form a primary showcase of your project to investment audience and regulatory bodies. We pledge that the technical information is presented in the most accountable way possible.

Being a sister company of AG Vision Construction Nig. Ltd, AGVM has access to a large fleet of vehicles, heavy duty plants and mineral exploration drill rigs (both coring and RC), AGVM leverages on its established operating expertise in Nigeria with a substantial logistical capacity to operate in remote areas.

Often, smaller companies may not have the technical staff in-house to carry out its intended drilling programmes. Our consultants have relevant experience with most commodities and mineralisation styles and have run these kinds of programmes in Nigeria and many other countries.

2) Any projects that you are involved in in Nigeria that you are particularly excited about at the moment?

Driving a successful project in the mineral exploration world has a lot to do with risk mitigation. Our team has a wide experience in large-scale remote sensing and on-site survey and can expressly detect the presence of economic mineral potential before your company invests in a mineral title, in any area of interest. We trust that our pool of expertise can reduce and shorten our clients’ financial risks.

We are currently overseeing and working on several assets in the North-Western and North-Eastern parts of the country, with some other ongoing projects in the country’s middle belt.

We are mostly tackling the Anka Schist belt in Zamfara state. We can testify that the area is very promising. We are currently in the quest of advancing several assets to the drilling stage. We hope that by next year some of our clients will exhibit their findings in this same venue.

With our newly launched Comacchio GEO 602 EX Multipurpose drill rig, AGVM seeks to deliver high end drilling services with both capabilities, Reverse Circulation (RC) and Diamond Drilling (DD).

Our crew that consist of senior drill managers, geologists, geo-technicians, and mechanical technicians, will take care of all aspects of the programme. We handle laboratory work and make sure that core and/or chips get logged, sampled and modelled to perfection. We use our own standard operating procedures, which are based on international best practice.

3) What in your view are the challenges to taking the mining sector in Nigeria to the next level?

Understanding the multifaceted aspect of mineral exploration is still lacking in Nigeria. Our audience of local investors and mineral title holders need to be informed about the pros and cons of holding a mineral title.

We are fully supportive of the organic efforts driven by the Federal Government that are directed towards the nurturing of a conducive environment, and we encourage them to continue to strive for sustainability.

4) What is your vision for the mining sector in Nigeria?

With the recent interventions of the Federal Government by first providing local operators with access to funding, and second awarding a national exploration programme to several companies, we can foresee that in the next couple of years Nigeria will meet its roadmap targets by becoming a mining destination.

My vision is to see several junior exploration companies investing in Nigeria’s mineral potential. In my opinion, this element is core in fixing Nigeria on the global mining map.

5) You are an exhibitor at Nigeria Mining Week. How important is this event to showcase the country’s mining potential?

We are excited and looking forward to gaining a wider exposure. We want the local companies to know about our services and the global juniors to know that the Nigerian market already entails some exploration companies with an access to globally recognised experts. Our team can sign up to a JORC level, something Nigeria was lacking in the past.

6) What will be your message at the event?

We should look at mining in Nigeria as a sustainable process. Listen to the experts, to those that have done it before.

AG Vision Mining is a silver sponsor at this year’s Nigeria Mining Week. For more information about the event, click here.