The new DRC minister of mines, Her Excellency Antoinette N’Samba Kalambayi will be addressing delegates at the DRC Mining Week Online event, taking place from 14-15 June 2021.

The country’s first female mining minister will speak at the opening keynote on 14 June at 12h00 GMT. Kalambayi will be joined by André Wameso, deputy chief of staff to the head of state in charge of economic and financial matters, DRC and Lord Popat, the UK prime minister’s trade envoy to the DRC.


The opening keynote will also feature forward-thinking experts driving the sector forward and looking into improvement area to ensure that the DRC remains on top of investors mind.

DRC Mining Week Online is a two-day digital gathering of the DRC local and international audience aimed at sharing and highlighting the key themes driving the country’s mining industry in 2021. All of this in anticipation of a live event conference and expo in October this year.

DRC Mining Week Online programme highlights

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To serve the event’s loyal local and international audience, the programme makes provision for sessions in English, French or both. The opening session with the theme, The DRC’s investment rating: An inaccurate perception, will be available in both languages and features a strong panel of expert speakers who will address those areas holding the DRC back from greater investment and more importantly, the key areas of change that will encourage investment as well.

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