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Earthmoving experts maintain excellence track record

EPSA is an earthmoving company with a global presence and over 50 years of experience in the industry. We operate primarily in the mining and civil works sectors.

We are proud of our team of people who strive together to achieve client goals based on a shared culture of: “Safety, responsibility, common sense and pride in a job well done”.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 6, 2020
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EPSA currently has a workforce of over 3 500 professionals. These are the company’s most valuable assets. We undertake our work using our own plant and equipment.

As a result, we have the operational, organizational and material resources internally to execute each project. The full staff complement takes responsibility for ensuring these resources are both maintained and constantly enhanced.

Our main objective in EPSA is to deliver world-class earthmoving and equipment maintenance services incorporating environmentally responsible practices in all our projects, while setting goals to achieve ever increasing efficiency. In EPSA we know that success depends on our people.

We rely on highly experienced, specialised professionals who are able to get the most out of each project. This is a complex task which requires deep and wide-ranging knowledge of plant capability, efficient operations, equipment renewals, planning and project management in order to deliver the comprehensive, high-performance, global service demanded by our clients.

Our maintenance team is a key component in the global network of earthmoving services offered by EPSA. We rely on state-of-the-art, next-generation plant and resources and, most especially, a highly-specialised maintenance team.

Through rigorous detailed planning, we generate specific maintenance programme tailored to each piece of equipment. In this way, we benefit from high utilisation rates of mechanical plant and equipment as we work to attain our goals.

We first began working in the mining sector in 1976 when the services of EPSA were required at an open-pit mine. Since the very beginning, we have paid particular attention to matching the machinery with the specific requirements and execution schedules at each mine.

We also ensure a high degree of equipment availability so we can guarantee clients that their production objectives will be met. We achieve this through close and constant communication with them.