One of many industrial gearbox solutions, the MC Series Helical Bevel Industrial Gear Unit, was installed by SEW-EURODRIVE, at a manufacturing plant whose transmission system recently malfunctioned.

In addition to providing a higher performance with reduced power consumption, the MC Series had the plant up and running within days with substantial cost savings for the customer.

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Downtime in a manufacturing plant due to a mechanical breakdown is costly. A quick recovery to full manufacturing capacity is a criterion that SEW-EURODRIVE understands, and who, through a assessment of the breakdown enabled the Rotary Cooking Pot to get back to full operation within a week.

SEW-EURODRIVE Durban examined a Rotary Cooking Pot breakdown at an animal feed plant. Sales Representative, Cliffton Bridge commented that it was a fairly old Rotary Pot that had suffered a transmission failure.

“An inspection of the broken unit showed that our SEW-EURODRIVE MC Series Helical Bevel IG Unit would be the perfect replacement solution, and that we could do a drop and install process that further reduced downtime.”

Bridge added: “As solution specialists, we understand the need for a quick return to operational activity. The MC Series Helical Bevel IG Unit, that replaced the old worm styled gearing unit, is not only more compact due its modular design but has far less variables.

“The helical bevel system also has increased torque capacity, broader gear range ratios and delivers higher efficiency. The motor also connects directly to the gearbox”.

“Substantial cost savings were achieved by installing the new and advanced SEW-EURODRIVE IG Unit – over a 26% cost saving – than trying to repair the previous gear box. In addition to installation and commissioning within seven days, the unit offered an improved operating power of 55kW down to 37 kW and a mechanical efficiency of 95%. The Rotary Cooking Pot was back in service with the minimum of downtime taking place” said Bridge.

For this application the MC Series Helical Bevel IG Unit from SEW-EURODRIVE has an AC-motort. The input shaft had a depth and length of 50 x 100mm with the output shaft having a depth and length of 130 x 220mm.

The left and right shaft positions are enabled through a single housing. The motor power is a nominal PM (kW) 37.00, and input speed of n1(rpm) 1475.

The main benefits of the MC Series include:

  • Wide range in torque offered
  • Locally assembled in SEW South Africa
  • Robust unit due to mono-block housing
  • Leakage free capabilities due to optional “drywell” version
  • Quick and efficient technical support
  • Extensive gear ratios available
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical and upright mounting

The MC Series features the SEW-EURODRIVE Extended Bearing Distance (EBD) concept which offers stronger bearings within the gear unit itself.

This means that in many cases separate bearings are no longer required in the agitator or an oversizing of the gear unit can be avoided. The concept is supplemented by an optional dry well seal, which prevents oil leakage at the output shaft.

“As a key solutions provider to the engineering industry, we believe that our efficient and modular solutions offer valuable savings, whilst showing the benefits of using the latest available technology.

“SEW-EURODRIVE is renowned for its technical excellence across all sectors of industry. Our purpose is to add value to our customers, giving peace of mind through our local support” said Clive O’Reilly, SEW-EURODRIVE, Durban Branch Manager.