On average, it takes about 15 years for new technology to be adopted into the mining value chain.

It is not surprising then that many mining companies still rely on legacy back-end systems to manage the piles of data they generate, while other industries move forward, propelled by the latest digital technologies.

As experts highlight the power of digital data technologies to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and improve safety and efficiency, the mining sector is being urged to modernise its technology infrastructure if it wants to be competitive in the digital era.

Progressive technology providers like MICROMINE are ready to help miners make their transition to a digital core as quick and seamless as possible.

According to Deloitte’s annual mining report, Tracking the trends 2020: Leading from the front, miners need to consider moving to the cloud, adopting cyber risk strategies and modernising their central data systems.

Talking to the trend, modernising core technologies, highlighted in the report, Deloitte Australia Consulting Partner Paul Klein said that while the mining industry’s digital investments demonstrated potential, they were often constrained – not only by legacy systems but also by data challenges.

MICROMINE Mining Product Analyst Andy Esmaili agreed saying, “Technology is driving the future of mining and, beyond the processes used to extract and refine resources, access to systems that provide safe, accurate capture, storage and optimisation of data is crucial.”

“Ultimately, the industry’s reliance on legacy systems means there is a risk of valuable data being lost or compromised so it isn’t available to enhance future decision-making.”

This is where MICROMINE’s integrated software suite can help bring mining companies up to speed.

“Data has always been vital for mining operations and it is incredibly important to log information into a reliable system for immediate validation and to reduce inaccuracies later down the line,” Mr Esmaili said.

“Yet many companies are still filing data away in cabinets or saving it to old systems, with no reliable back up. The old spreadsheet still has its place, but it is not a viable option for future business growth and development.”

Safeguarding the integrity of mine data is central to MICROMINE’s software. It’s leading exploration and mine design solution, Micromine, for example, has a core module dedicated to the secure and accurate import, validation, processing, display and interpretation of a wide variety of surface, drillhole and subsurface data.

MICROMINE’s data management solution, Geobank, has also been integrated with IMDEX logging software to simplify data collection and storage regardless of location – a boon particularly for remote mining sites.

Mr Esmaili adds that this integration allows data to be immediately stored in the cloud, or to a proprietary database, giving geologists access to the insights and analysis needed to make near real-time decisions.

The accurate and safe storage of mine data will also be essential for data optimisation in years to come as machine learning functionality is incorporated to reduce the time geologists spend on administration work.

Contact MICROMINE to find out how we can help modernise your mine’s core technologies and improve efficiencies.

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