Loesche technology

Quality and reliability in heavy machinery, this is German engineering at its best and Loesche has excelled in all spheres of the milling industry.

“Loesche has a fantastic product, and through strategy and continuous technological development of its mills, we have been able to approach new markets and industries, offering new processes that have been developed by our R&D department and technical teams,” says Loesche SA sales manager Jonathan Smith.

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Through this development-process, past threats and weaknesses have now become opportunities. Loesche has also listened to the market and its customers and has identified key areas of concern.

This has enabled the company to focus on implementing improvements around environmental and mining issues such as complicated low mineral bearing ores, water and electrical issues.

“Today we are able to effectively reduce operating expenditure – this is a given and not a probability.”

Bringing digitisation to milling

In further support of its close relationships with the industry, Loesche has incorporated digital technology into its service offering. The company has designed operating software to complement the quality of the milling process Smith explains.

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Loesche’s LM master software allows the owner to optimise the performance and availability of the mill, live in the control room or remotely offsite.

The software optimises the mill performance continuously, adjusting automatically to ensure the lowest power usage and optimal product production.

“We call this the Loesche Artificial Intelligence system for plant operation and mill optimisation. Online controls and instrumentation allow the user to verify and record critical values and adjust the mills performance whilst the mill is in operation,” Smith outlines.

Taking its name to new heights

Loesche has in place a marketing strategy to intensify efforts in the mining industry. Having identified rich deposits in certain regions through an intense marketing analysis of mining opportunities in Africa which Loesche has done over the past two years. The company is contributing to the proposition of these deposits.

The targeted opportunities are countries and areas were water and power is the main stumbling block for a potential mining operation.

“We aim to intensify our efforts to visit countries and meet with stakeholders in 2020 where opportunities are good. Coupled to this effort, we will also enhance our visibility at major mining shows around the world were mining companies are working in Africa.”

Hitting the junior market with force

Loesche has welcomed the fact that some junior miners will need help to obtain their project development goals. “which we can help facilitate through investment options offered by Loesche,” Smith outlines.

The company offers three investment options and coupled with this is its operation and maintenance offering for comminutions circuit within the plant.

Loesche works very closely with its own operation and maintenance subsidiary company which focusses its efforts on relieving the customer of day to day operational headaches.

This is done through contracts that ensure Loesche’s commitments within the offer document are achieved with penalties in the rare case that they are not.

Loesche technology delivers unparalleled success

Large mining institutions and engineering houses do not want to risk change from standard practises due to the unknown. But they must embrace change and new technologies that will take them into the future says Smith.

Every day mining operations are challenged with new threats. For example, the comminution circuit of a mine uses 50% of a total mine’s power. By incorporating Loesche equipment, mines can reduce this by 30 – 40%, effectively reducing power use by the same margin for nearly the entire operation.

“The large amount of the success that Loesche has had in the ore industry is with mining institutions that are really focussed on change for the better to improve recovery with the reduction of down time, maintenance, water usage, chemical usage, and waste. Loesche is able to help in all these spheres with the bonus of improved recovery of the mineral,” Smith highlights.

Loesche walks alongside its clients and ensures that its guarantees have been met before leaving site. The company furthermore also provides training and education for on-site staff to ensure the end user is comfortable with the processes and the technology.

“Support does not end here because we around the corner to aid the mine at any given time.”

A solid history

As a family-owned business; Loesche was established 113 years ago, focussing initially on coal milling. Through technological breakthroughs in vertical roller mill technology, Loesche moved into raw meal and clinker grinding in the cement industry.

Since the 1980s Loesche has become a market leader in this industry with 55% market share worldwide.

From its original established efficient working designs, Loesche has since made fundamental subtle changes to its mill design which has enabled the company to enter into new markets including phosphates, iron ore, slag, gold and copper to name a few.