Milling specialist Loesche may be recognised for its superior, German-engineered products but states that is should not detract the junior industry from designing their flowsheets with more cost effective, inferior products.

The company offers various investment options that make the purchase of its mills a viable option for miners who have yet to start generating cash.

“Some junior miners are open to asking for help in obtaining their project development goals which we can help facilitate through investment options offered by Loesche,” says Loesche SA sales manager Jonathan Smith.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 2, 2020

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“The company offers three financial models: toll milling, rent-own and joint ventures. Each financial model option varies and is tailored to suite the customers’ needs and will include favourable finance interest rates.

“When coupled with its operation and maintenance offering which successfully delivers on relieving the customer of day-to-day operational headaches, Loesche is a service provider worth partnering with. “Our contracts ensure Loesche’s commitments within our offer documents, and incorporates penalties for non-compliance,” Smith notes.

Milling digitisation a plus for first-time users

Loesche has incorporated digital technology into its service offering with an in-house designed operating software that complements the quality of the milling process, Smith explains.

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Loesche’s LM master software allows the owner to optimise the performance and availability of the mill, live in the control room or remotely offsite.

The software optimises the mill performance continuously, adjusting automatically to ensure the lowest power usage and optimal production.

“We call this the Loesche Artificial Intelligence system for plant operation and mill optimisation. Online controls and instrumentation allow the user to verify and record critical values and adjust the mills performance whilst the mill is in operation,” Smith outlines.

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For juniors looking to secure the fast return on their investments, the incorporation of Loesche’s digital milling technology will put them in the right direction towards achieving this.