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National Union of Mineworkers submits wage demands to Kumba Iron Ore

The National Union of Mineworkers has submitted wages and conditions of employment on behalf of its members at both Kumba Iron Ore‘s Kolomela and Sishen operations.

They read as follows:

Hours of work

Sishen 45 hours currently – needs to be reduced to 40 hours a week.

Kolomela 44 hours currently – to be reduced to 40 hours a week.

Dust allowance

10% of the basic salary of employees exposed to dust to be introduced and paid.

Housing allowance 

R5 000 Housing allowance demand for all employees – irrespective of grades.

Harmonisation of grades

The National Union of Mineworkers demands that the hauling truck operators be graded to P4.

Grades of all artisans at Kumba Iron Ore to be aligned.

Employee share ownership scheme

A new scheme should be in place effective from the current financial year and it should be 15% loan free ownership scheme.

Medical aid

The current medical aid calculations be revised in that; the company first contributing and the employee paying the balance, the increased to be topped at maximum of R3 000.

Pension fund

The company contribution should be 15% effective 1st July 2018


Sick-leave days to increase from 120 to 180.

Leave allocation should be on the first day of each leave cycle, instead of accumulative.

Maternity – removal of allowances is discriminative, thus all circumstantial allowance should be in place for all employees on maternity leave.

Paternity leave to be 5 days.

Family responsibility 10 days.

People who are been removed temporarily from shifts should also receive their allowances.

Four days study leave of which three days for studying and one for writing exam including short courses.

Recognition of long service

The long service award should pay employees R5 000 for each completed five years of service.

Incapacity process

The finalisation of the current work and policy on incapacity by 1 July 2017 to be deleted.

Salary increases

  • P7 16% (R1 310.72)
  • P6 15, 5% (R1 635.87)
  • P5 15% (R2 023.05)
  • P4 14% (R2 564.24)
  • P3 12,5% (R2 586.25)

Duration of the agreement

One year wage agreement effective from 1 July 2017.

Feature mage credit: Kumba Iron Ore