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Weba Chute Systems has turned chute design and construction into a science

While being a relatively minor cost component on a mining operation, a well-designed transfer chute punches well above its weight in sustaining uptime and productivity.

“This is where industry experience and specialised design expertise come into their own,” says Weba Chute Systems MD Mark Baller.

“It all starts with understanding the chute’s application before custom-designing the solution – which is where we excel.”

Experienced design engineers ensure that Weba Chute Systems are given the same importance as other equipment in the plant

With four decades of industry service behind it, Weba Chute Systems has turned chute design and construction into a science, says Baller.

He notes that the ‘school fees’ paid by the company to date cannot readily be replicated by new entrants or by players who are focused on other equipment lines.

“We are dedicated to providing locally manufactured, quality chute solutions – it is all we do,” he says.

“This means that we have invested hundreds of thousands of manhours in our technology, and we can continue to innovate.”

He notes that a chute is often not given the same importance as equipment such as crushers or screens, but it is nonetheless a critical item that could potentially stop production if it failed.

As an experienced local manufacturer, Weba Chute Systems is committed to producing quality chute solutions

This makes it more sensible for mines to partner with proven experts, whose business model ensures that they will be there to support the product in years to come.

“With almost 5000 chutes installed globally, customers can see that we are here to stay,” he says.

“Why would you buy any equipment without the assurance that it could be supported over its lifetime?”