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Earlier this year saw the launch of Mine.it Africa – Connect, a unique, all-in-one, interactive digital mining platform providing in one place, African mining news and opportunities, live, interactive events and engagement.

The platform is the result of the innovative and successful digital and online engagement by all Clarion Events’ leading mining event and media brands during the last 12 months.

Some 3000 mining professionals from 78 countries are expected to use the platform to attend upcoming digital events and webinars. Mine.it Africa – Connect is a continual source of industry news, print and video content, interviews and podcasts as well as live webinars and conferences. Specialist technical suppliers and service providers to the mining sector also have the opportunity to join the platform’s marketplace to showcase their offering to the audience.

Mine.it Africa – Connect is an important step in Clarion Mining Africa’s journey towards a truly digital content and network offering.

Through delivering our brands, Mining Review Africa, DRC Ming Week and Nigeria Mining Week, on one consolidated platform, the mining industry can benefit from sharing and connecting and staying informed of what is happening in the industry and how to learn from it.”

“Mining Review Africa is already recognised as a content leader in the mining industry and now offers the opportunity for our loyal and new followers to connect like never before, without leaving the office or home.”

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