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Siemens Smart Mining Africa Forum brings digital innovation to the fore

The Siemens Smart Mining Africa Forum promises to take attendees “On the road to the digital future”. Taking place from 3-5 August, this virtual event features industry experts as well as a technology showcase that will demonstrate how digitalization is contributing to the mining value chain.

Tim Walwyn, Head of Siemens Minerals Solutions: Southern and Eastern Africa, explains that while there have been ongoing developments in the technological space, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for miners and the broader mining ecosystem to come together and exchange ideas. “Subsequently, we have created an interactive forum that will not only showcase the latest technological innovations for the industry but also explore how they could impact on the African mining landscape in particular. Our key objectives are to create awareness of the possibilities created by technology, and to provide a forum for knowledge transfer to the industry,” he explains.

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The key theme throughout the three-day event will be on how technology is contributing to sustainable mining including the environmental, social or economic impacts. Walwyn states that sustainability should be top of mind for any mining company that wants to be successful on the African continent. “There are many unique challenges faced by the industry on the continent. As such, the Siemens Smart Africa Mining Forum will showcase the knowledge and the technologies that African miners need to consider in order to be successful. Also, very importantly, we’re going to give delegates access to subject matter experts who can guide them on a specific technology adoption journey and show them how to localise the technology for their specific operations.”

Something for all mining professionals

Siemens has purposely structured a multi-day event with a half-day schedule so the delegates can fit key sessions that they want to attend into their busy schedules. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a diverse set of global and local leaders from Siemens Mineral solutions, local industry experts and representatives and many technology experts covering a wide range of specialist topics.

The highlights include an opening address by Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of Siemens, Southern and Eastern Africa; key industrial trends presented by Andrew Lane: Leader: Energy Resources and Industrials at Deloitte Africa; and a presentation on the future oriented vision for mining in Africa by Sietse van der Woude of the Minerals Council South Africa. There will also be a launch of a hackathon for students showcasing the power of Siemens low-coding platform Mendix.

Walwyn is particularly excited about programme on day three. “This is where we’re really going to drill down into the nuts and bolts and provide in-depth technical focus sessions for designers, engineers, plant builders, integrators, OEMs and operators. We are going to demonstrate how our innovative technology works using our hardware and software solutions and this will provide delegates an opportunity to talk to the experts and understand how they can adopt these trends for themselves.”

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In addition to the live sessions, attendees can also look forward to a number of technology demonstrations that are going to be given by Siemen’s online experts from around the world. “We will also be presenting our SIDRIVEIQ, an industrial IoT monitoring solution for drive systems being launched in the local market.

Furthermore, we will be hosting an interactive virtual showroom. This will be a virtual space which showcases our entire breadth of the Siemens mining portfolio,” explains Walwyn.

Walwyn adds that Siemens has made the event as relevant as possible to a cross-section of people who have an interest in the mining industry. Whether they be decision makers, designers, people who have an interest in the success of the industry regulators, or just someone who wants to know a little bit more about this exciting part of our economy, this will be a platform where people can get a deep dive into some of the most exciting trends in technology today,” he concludes.

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