Contract negotiation
The trade union Solidarity has signed a collective agreement on wages and other terms of employment for the next three years on behalf of its members at Exxaro.

The agreement between Solidarity and Exxaro entered force on 1 July 2017 and will expire until 30 June 2020.

The increase will be deducted retroactively.

The agreement concluded with employers in the mining industry entails an increase of 7.50% to 10% depending on the employee’s post level in the first year and in years two and three will be the employee’s wage component by the bank with 7, 50% increase.

According to Connie Prinsloo, deputy chief secretary of the Solidarity mining industry, the parties agreed that the employer would make a medical aid contribution of 60% in the case of the main member and 50% in the case of dependents.

The agreement also includes a favourable adjustment for family leave and accommodation allowance.

“We are delighted with the agreement as it provides for stability in the work environment and offers job security to our members,” comments Prinsloo.

Feature image credit: Wikimedia Commons