The DECONTACTOR, a one-of-a-kind design, combines the advantages of a power socket with the performance of a switch, allowing for disconnection under load up to 250A. 

MARECHAL Electric is recognised globally as a leader in the innovative design of low voltage industrial plug and socket-outlets. 

Two self-ejecting systems have been designed to protect equipment from accidental disconnection and to protect equipment from being moved whilst connected.

A tension cord runs parallel to the power cable of self-ejecting plugs or coupler sockets. 

Pulling on this cord activates the release. 

The force required to operate this system is comparable to the force required to manually disconnect a plug from the socket of a standard DECONTACTOR.

This operation immediately releases the plug every time tension is detected on the cable.

Whether such a function is required on a fixed electric power supply or a mobile power source, there is no doubting the unparalleled time saving coupled with operator safety offered by the MARECHAL mechanical self-eject system.