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Vibramech Equipment: Stellar record in process optimisation

44 years of vibratory equipment design, OEM manufacturing and supply, guarantees that Vibramech thoroughly understands the importance for the minerals treatment industry.

Vibramech is one of Africa’s largest manufacturer of vibrating mineral processing equipment. “Our current installed base of over 10 000 pieces of equipment makes us an African leader in market share. We are proud to be the preferred supplier of vibrating equipment to project houses and mines in Southern Africa, and we have earned the reputation of being an OEM that designs and manufactures robust and durable screening equipment”, explains MD, David Massey.


The company understands the importance of a well-balanced production process – from primary crushing and screening, through secondary scrubbing/screening, re-crushing and screening and finally, the coarse and fines dense media separation. Vibramech’s broad range of custom -designed mineral processing equipment, caters for the variables that may affect the feed rate across these processes.


Vibramech’s equipment designs not only ensures the correct ROM ore sizes to begin with, but also helps with the downstream processes to achieve a balanced production, resulting in process optimisation. In order to provide such an optimal solution to every application, the following procedures are meticulously applied:

  1. Equipment capacity requirements are verified employing both Vibramech’s in-house data bases (providing a wealth of first-hand process design information), and its customized engineering software, in order to optimize the machine size, style, acceleration characteristics and operating speed ranges. Liquid flow volumes and application points are closely specified where required.
  • All ‘new’ machine designs are subjected to FEA modelling using AutoCAD Inventor software. Dynamic simulations are undertaken employing Adams software.
  • All manufacturing employs state-of-the art laser profiling, MIG welding, certified stress-relief and swaged fasteners, all of which assure mechanical integrity of the finished product. Full 3-D vibration analysis is employed to verify the simulated data.
  • All equipment is commissioned on site by experienced Engineers and the process is fully certificated.
  • During the lifespan of the equipment, Vibrasure is available to remotely and continuously monitor the performance of the equipment, and transmits realtime data digitally over the internet.
  • The aforesaid digital monitoring is further supported by regular site visits by Vibramech’s engineers, after which assessment reports are issued to the end users at regular intervals, in order to maintain machine performance at the design levels.

A leading regional supplier

Vibramech, as a proudly African company, supplies predominantly screens throughout Africa, which is considered to be among the harshest and most aggressive environments in the world. The company has extensive experience in gold, diamond, coal, iron ore, manganese, cobalt, platinum, chrome, nickel, uranium, copper, mineral sands and aggregate operations.

Presently, the company consistently produces in excess of 500 vibrating units per annum and is historically, and continues to be the foremost supplier of vibrating equipment to the coal, diamond (land and marine) and platinum mines in southern Africa. The company continues to negotiate numerous supply contracts with long-standing customers, an area of significant business-generation over the past number of years, despite tight economic conditions.

Visit Vibramech’s website for an overview on how Vibramech could assist with your current and future mineral processing requirements.

Vibramech specialises in the design and supply of customised vibrating solutions matching each client’s exact screen, plant and process flow specifications. Our equipment is designed to streamline processes, reduce downtime and contribute to customers’ increased bottom line through a cost-effective solution.