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Webinar recording: Eliminating colloidal silica, the key to boosting copper recovery

09h00 Ontario | 10h00 Argentina | 15h00 Lubumbashi | 15h00 Johannesburg | 15h00 Zambia | 21h00 Perth | 21h00 China    

Colloidal silica formation is an inherent problem when leaching ores containing silicates and is highly prevalent in the Copperbelt – it can negatively impact on process efficiencies and may lead to total shut down of SX plants.

These negative effects occur in various areas in the process from leaching and solid liquid separation through to solvent extraction and even in electro-winning.

As colloidal silica is ‘invisible’ and difficult to analyse, it is often overlooked as the root cause of many common process inefficiencies such as CRUD formation and poor phase separation amongst others.

Join Protea Mining Chemicals, Innospec and Mining Review Africa for a Webinar discussion to raise awareness around the effects of colloidal silica and to share learnings on how to identify and then mitigate this problem. This forms part of one of the companies’ key focus areas: optimisation of copper production processes in the Copperbelt area.

Industry experts will also be called upon to share their encounters with colloidal silica at major operations in the Copperbelt with the following key discussion points:

  • The historical impact of colloidal silica on the process and how it has been managed in the past.
  • Looking at the established use of DEHSCOFIX® SC12 to remove colloidal silica, a solution which has been developed by Innospec and Protea Mining Chemicals over the past seven years, and
  • The significant benefits this product can deliver to the overall profitability of the mine.

Laura Cornish, Editor-in-Chief, Mining Review Africa, South Africa

Tshikele Mukongo, DRC Country Manager, Protea Mining Chemicals, DR Congo

Nobuzwe Makhotla, Global Market Manager, Innospec Performance Chemicals, South Africa

Sami Assuli Idolwa, MMG, Processing Improvement Superintendent, DR Congo