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Webinar: How can African mine operators make Mining 4.0 a reality?

Thursday, 25 November 2021

12h00 GMT | 14h00 SAST

60 Minutes

The need to constantly optimise safety, sustainability, productivity and efficiency has made the case for digitalisation and automation of mining operations more compelling than ever.

Investments in Industry 4.0 or – in this case – Mining 4.0 solutions have sharply increased over the past years.   

The fact is that digital transformation and automation can deliver significant rewards. Advances in the industrial internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and critical communication networks make it possible to improve decision making, drive autonomous trucks, track assets and monitor operations to ensure safe conditions. 

In this panel session, which is hosted by Mining Review Africa and Nokia, together with its mining partner SEDNA, thought leaders from the African mining industry will discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in mining, and how to make Mining 4.0 a reality. 

Key learnings: 

  • What is driving mining operators’ digital transformation efforts? 
  • What are the current challenges for implementing Mining 4.0 in African mines? 
  • What technologies will make the difference? Which role do networks play? 
  • How does the ‘ideal’ digital transformation roadmap look like? 


Gary Conway, Head of MEA Energy Sales at Nokia (moderator)

Trevor Naidoo, Mining Platform CFO for America, Africa and Australia at Murray & Roberts

Anton Fester, Managing Director at Sedna Industrial IT Solutions