weir minerals Synertrex

In an industry that depends on the efficiency and reliability of their assets, Weir Minerals’ bespoke IIoT solution – Synertrex – delivers a number of benefits including improved performance and productivity and the avoidance of unplanned downtime.

Minerals processing specialist Weir Minerals recognised this trend several years ago and developed Synertrex, its own IIoT platform which through machine based sensors, monitors performance in real-time.

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Synertrex provides fact-based insights that allow operators to optimise equipment performance and increase throughput. Its predictive maintenance benefits help detect problems so equipment can be repaired before it fails, saving money through the reduction of unplanned downtime while increasing safety.

Weir’s Synertrex platform draws upon the company’s knowledge and expertise, as well as that of its technology partners Dell and Microsoft.  Using critical operating data to generate fact-based insights, customers can monitor their equipment anywhere, anytime – from detecting cavitation in Warmanpumps to monitoring the drive train of Enduron HPGRs.

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The portfolio of Synertrex enabled products within the platform includes:

  • Warmanpumps;
  • Cavex hydrocyclones;
  • GEHOPD pumps;
  • Enduron HPGRs;
  • Enduron screens; and
  • Enduron crushers.

Streamlined business drives streamlined operations

Weir Minerals Africa alone ships almost 800 000 bespoke items each year from its main distribution hub in Alrode, near Johannesburg. Leveraging both modern technology and an innovative management approach, it has raised its warehouse stock accuracies to 98% over the past four years, above the global benchmark of around 95%.

This ensures 70% of its products and components are delivered within two weeks of a sales order being received. Inventory accuracy has also raised the on-time delivery performance over the last year above 90%.”

The new systems and processes provide management with real-time visibility of demand and stock in all offices across Weir Minerals Africa’s 75 stocking locations – giving end-to-end velocity measurement to monitor the flow of goods from receipt at the warehouse to the actual time of delivery at the customer’s location.

Beyond South Africa

Weir Minerals distribution processes extend to its 2019-upgraded Kitwe distribution facility in Zambia, streamlining its capacity as a strategic distribution hub for central and east Africa.

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