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Final layout of graphite mine processing facility announced

Gratomic has announced an engineering update on the final layout and general assembly for its Aukam Graphite Mine processing plant, which is currently under construction and scheduled for commissioning in October of 2020.

General Assembly and final layout have been completed and work has commenced on site preparations required to accommodate the Company’s additional processing equipment, which is currently en route from China including thickener tanks, cyclone, rotary dryer, filter press, and various additional components.

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The staff has safely returned to the Aukam site and are currently conducting excavation work in preparation for the pouring of the concrete foundations. Foundational steelwork has been installed to allow for the pouring of concrete.

To date, approximately 100 tonnes of excavation groundwork has been completed to accommodate the construction of these foundations. Gratomic has identified two contractors that will complete the steelwork and installation for the platforms, catwalks, and additional necessary components.

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Gratomic’s custom engineered and self-constructed facility was designed to encompass the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness possible. Upon commissioning, this plant is intended to exceed production capabilities demonstrated by many of its competitors by generating minimal environmental impact.