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Tirupati Graphite has announced an update on its Tirupati Graphene and Mintech Research Centre (TGMRC), which is focused on graphene manufacturing and applications development and mineral processing technology development.

Shishir Poddar, CEO of Tirupati Graphite, says:

“We are delighted to report the all-round progress we are making in the development of our graphene and technology centre, TGMRC, as a strong, stand-alone, revenue generative division in our business model.

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“The model is designed to catalyse the commercialisation of graphene applications by developing commercial/bulk scale manufacturing of consistent, high-quality graphene at affordable costs.

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“With the global market for graphene forecast to reach over US$1 billion by 2023 as techno commercial bottlenecks are overcome, we intend to be a significant contributor to this growth.

“The persistent drive and innovation of our team has led to significant ongoing enhancements in the properties of our high-quality graphene products and enhanced their compatibility in applications, which is an important factor in graphene enhanced technology developments.

“Discussions with various technical experts suggests that the new feat achieved by us in specific surface area, is unique and could potentially be highly valuable.

“We will continue research and testwork to unlock the advantages that our graphene could bring to various graphene enhanced applications being developed.

“To further strengthen our expertise and widen our reach in the world of composites, we are very excited to welcome Dr. Gresil to the Tirupati team. 

“As a recognised world-leading expert in the world of composites, nanomaterials and developer of graphene enhanced polymers and composites, we look forward to leveraging his extensive expertise, prominence and access to companies and developers globally.

“We are confident that he will help us build a robust commercial client base across various industries that use advanced polymers and composites including aerospace, defence, biomedical and sporting equipment to name a few, ahead of our forthcoming commercial/bulk scale graphene production capabilities coming on-stream.”

Dr. Matthieu Gresil (Ph.D), Senior Lecturer Monash University, says:

“I am delighted to join the efforts of Tirupati in providing the globe a high-quality graphene material. My experience using the material in developing a complex self-healing, shape morphing, and recyclable/reprocessable polymer gives me confidence on being able to take it to the markets in the world of advanced multifunctional composites and 2D nano materials.”