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The buzz around Electric Vehicles (EV) is back as the push for green economies around the world escalates. This has over the past few years seen a rapid increase in the acquisition and development of graphite, lithium and cobalt resources – all well-known battery metals.

But what about nickel?

According to the Nickel Institute, nickel in batteries helps deliver higher energy density and greater storage capacity at a lower cost. And according to Fitch Solutions, nickel is set to be the primary demand beneficiary of the EV revolution on the metals side in the longer term beyond 2021, significantly ahead of lithium or cobalt.

Can Africa participate in this anticipated uptick in nickel demand? Does the continent offer resources worth extracting and if so, what is the timeline on doing so? Join Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum as we unpack this topic in greater detail.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Nickel’s role in the EV/battery market
  • Is there a place for Africa to participate in mining and delivering nickel to global markets?
  • Nickel – price forecasts    
  • African case studies – a closer look at juniors already in the nickel sector
  • Nickel processing and beneficiation, what you need to know


Ken Rudisuela, Project manager: Batteries | The Nickel Institute

Carly Cassidy, Commodities analyst | Fitch Solutions

Gerard Reid, Co-Founder and Partner | Alexa Capital

Anton Mauve, Chief Executive Officer | Consolidated Nickel Mines

Moderated by:

Laura Cornish, Editor-in-Chief | Mining Review Africa