Battery metals

Common battery metals include copper, cobalt, vanadium, lithium, nickel, lead, and graphite. Battery metals are used in the manufacture of batteries for energy storage and to manufacture batteries used to power electric vehicles (EVs) and electric cars. Battery metals also incorporates energy storage technology, battery storage, renewable energy storage, electricity smoothing, vanadium redox flow batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, arbitrage and hybrid vehicles.

The DRC Mining Week Online programme is guaranteed to inform you on latest industry hot topics, to inspire you and to strike...

Amedeo Anniciello, the Chief Executive of Standard Bank in the DRC talks about the lessons of COVID-19. Standard Bank is a longstanding...

Basil Read’s Blasting & Excavating: Breaking big in the DRC

"Our quality services in remote areas are unparalleled and we are looking to share this critical service value with the industry."

Fitch raises short-term 2021 metal price assumptions

Credit ratings agency Fitch Ratings has increased most of its short-term metals and mining price assumptions on the back of syncronised global economic recovery post-COVID-19, which has driven higher commodity prices.

Copper, decarbonisation and dispute resolution

"If we are going to electrify the world and decarbonise this way, copper is the most important commodity taking over that role from oil.”

A decarbonised world needs mining

“If you want to do anything meaningful about climate change, you're going to need more mining, mine more metals and minerals."

Water use licences: Red tape delays application processWater security: South African companies playing their part

Is Red Rock’s Luanshimba a new copper-cobalt discovery?

"We have taken Luanshimba from an early-stage greenfields site to what I think may be very near being a discovery."

Drilling programme imminent at Luanshimba

Red Rock Resources owns 80% of the Luanshimba project.

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