Caledonia Mining Corporation Zimbabwe

Prospect Resources has successfully delivered a ceremonial sample of product from the Arcadia Pilot Plant to offtake partner and shareholder, Sinomine Resources.

The delivery was made on-site at a ceremony hosted by the Minister of State for Mashonaland East, Honourable Aplonia Munzverengwi with the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Honourable Winston Chitando, as the Guest of Honour.

Prospect MD, Sam Hosack, said:

“Yesterday was a significant and memorable achievement for Prospect – demonstrating our ability to successfully deliver the pilot plant project by producing petalite in Zimbabwe. The close proximity of the Arcadia Project to the country’s capital, Harare, provides significant advantages, which have already been utilised to successfully execute on the Pilot Plant project through development and into production.

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“Continued support from our parent Ministry of Mines and Mining Development led by the Honourable Minister Winston Chitando, has enabled us to achieve this important milestone on the path to full scale development of Arcadia and commercial production.


“We are a team made up of Zimbabweans, with a deep determination to get Arcadia funded and operational. The Special Economic Zone license, and the close integration and alignment we enjoy with Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) has been critical to the success of the Pilot Plant and is expected to make a material difference to our ability to fund the Arcadia Project.

“With the Arcadia Pilot Plant in production, the team are now focused on generating high purity on specification technical grade petalite to showcase Arcadia’s petalite to the largest customers in the global glass and ceramics markets.

“The petalite produced in operation will be independently assayed for quality assurance. The final qualification gate we are set to pass through should deliver customers confidence that Arcadia can deliver a high quality, long life raw material source for both petalite and spodumene supply chains.”