Syrah Resources graphite
Purified, coated Balama spherical graphite (lithium ion battery grade)

SRG Mining has signed four, three-year firm graphite off-take agreements for a total of 89,000 t over a two year period.

These agreements represent approximately 60% of the SRG Mining anticipated production over that period.

SRG Mining clients operate in various markets including refractories, expandable graphite and battery anode material.

SRG Mining remains actively engaged with several potential clients to continue to sign off-take agreements for our graphite production.

SRG Mining’s efforts in continuously producing graphite from our lab in Guinea and producing a bulk sample is in line with these efforts to secure sales.

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The company continues to believe in signing sales agreements for the anticipated production and having many potential clients test and qualify our material.

These efforts will remain ongoing throughout the life of the project.

“These off-take agreements demonstrate the marketability of our graphite flake products and our clients’ trust in the company’s ability to deliver quality product in a timely manner.

“We are diligently proceeding towards achieving our ultimate goal of building a mine and concentrator capable of producing 54,000 tpa of high-quality flakes, in best possible time-frame, and in the best interest of all our stakeholders,” says Ugo Landry-Tolszczuk, President and COO of SRG Mining.