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Tirupati collaborates with university: graphene research

Tirupati Graphite has entered into a research collaboration agreement with the Department of Material Sciences and Engineering at Monash University, Victoria, Australia to develop commercial applications for a range of graphene products in raw and recycled polymer nanocomposites and dispersions.

Shishir Poddar, CEO of Tirupati Graphite, said:

“The evolution of new age materials to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy and materials consumption and increase the lifespan of conventional materials, is an important constituent for reducing emissions and mitigating climate risk.

“Accordingly, we are delighted to be working with Monash, which will enable us to add polymer nanocomposites to our new age materials portfolio, that we anticipate will have an extensive range of potential applications.

“With the creation of manufacturing capabilities for graphene products at a significant kilogram per day scale, we are pressing ahead with our agenda of its applications development and preparing to scale up graphene products manufacturing to industrial scale.

“The success of this research collaboration will further extend our product offering, which includes the entire gambit of primary flake and speciality graphite, graphene and advanced materials, and boost/diversify our revenue streams.”