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Lonmin: rock drill operators now earn R15 770 to R17 950

Rock drillers at Lonmin now earn cash package of R15, 770 and R17, 950 including medical aid. In 2016, Lonmin signed a three-year wage deal with AMCU – demonstrating a maturing and mutually beneficial relationship with our majority union.

This was the message by Lonmin CEO Ben Magara, speaking at a service to commemorate the 44 lives tragically lost in August 2012.

The service was attended by Lonmin staff, community members, stakeholders and some of the widows and their families.

Even in the difficult and extremely challenging operating environment which has persisted In the six years since the Marikana tragedy, Lonmin has made significant progress in delivering its commitment to the Marikana community.

Housing has been a key focus of the company’s social and labour plans with modern housing developments being built for many of its employees.

Lonmin’s financial investment in housing since 2013 will have reached R500 million by the end of this year, funds that have made it possible to convert all the single-sex legacy hostels into 2 162 single units and 759 family units.

1 240 apartments have also been built by Lonmin and will all be fully occupied by the end of 2018.

Families are also at the centre of the 1608 Memorial Education Trust, a vehicle which has been established to ensure that the children and families of the employees who died in 2012 receive an education up to and including University level.

So far, the Trust has disbursed R8.9 million on tuition, boarding fees, transport, uniforms and educational projects.

Addressing the issue of wages, Magara said that Lonmin has made solid progress in securing better wage packages for the company’s employees.

One of the most noteworthy developments is the new cash packages offered to Rock Drill Operators, who now earn between R15 770 and R17 950.

The packages also include medical aid and the provision of financial assistance when necessary.

Lonmin has also formed a partnership with SummitFin, launching an initiative which empowers employees with information and tools for improved financial management.

In 2016, the company signed a three-year wage agreement with AMCU, its majority union. Magara said that this agreement is a sign of the evolving relationship between the company and employees:

“This agreement is testament to our maturing relationship with AMCU, characterised by our mutual respect and works to the advantage of both parties.

“We will continue to advocate for a balanced approach to workers’ needs and the financial sustainability of the business, in partnership with the union.”

Last year Lonmin spearheaded an ambitious new project known internally as the Marikana Memorial Park Design.

At last year’s five-year commemoration of the Marikana tragedy, Lonmin announced its desire to facilitate this project.

Since then, the Company has developed a draft design for the public space which will be dedicated to the memory of those whose lives were lost.

Lonmin has appointed an internal project team, built a physical model of the park and planned a detailed, independently managed stakeholder consultation to ensure that the Marikana Memorial Park Design fulfils their needs.

Lonmin had planned for this stakeholder consultation to begin in July.

These plans, however, have had to be delayed because the necessary approval from AMCU for the Marikana Memorial Park

Design has not yet been received.