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Regulation 42 to the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act requires mining companies to submit to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy a Social and Labour Plan (SLP) as a pre-requisite for the granting of a mining right.

SLPs are the instruments for achieving transformation in terms of the Mining Charter explains the Minerals Council.

SLPs are normally required to be revised and resubmitted every five years during the life of a mining right.

SLPs contain comprehensive human resources development programmes, mine community development plans, housing and living conditions plans, employment equity plans, and processes to save jobs and manage downscaling and/or closure of operations.

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DMRE guidelines for SLPs include provisions for consultation with unions, communities and relevant authorities in the development of various sections of SLPs.

There has been public discussion over the years over whether approved SLPs (and companies’ annual compliance reports to the DMRE) should be available for public scrutiny.

The Minerals Council believes that this should be the case, and therefore offers this Portal to members to post their documentation so it can be accessed by interested parties in a single place.

Company participation in this initiative is voluntary.