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Sibanye-Stillwater continues excellent safety record

Sibanye-Stillwater has made a complete safety turnaround from 2018. The Group achieved 6.5 million fatality free shifts on 14 February 2019.

The Southern African (SA) PGM operations achieved 4 million fatality free shifts on 20 February 2019 and the SA gold operations achieving 3 million fatality free shifts on 31 January 2019, which has been maintained since mid-August 2018, and is still continuing.

While this performance has restored and improved on Sibanye-Stillwater’s historical, industry leading safety record, it is conscious of operating in a dynamic environment, which can change rapidly, as was experienced in H1, 2018, and as such, requires continual vigilance, review and innovation to ensure ongoing improvement towards its ultimate goal of zero harm in the workplace.

Nonetheless, the reduction in injury rates since August 2018 gives the company confidence that the safety improvement programmes that we have implemented are proving effective, and so Sibanye-Stillwater remains focused on maintaining its position as the benchmark safety performer in both the SA gold and PGM mining industries.

In this regard, a number of safe production initiatives have advanced considerably, with short term, high-impact interventions vigorously implemented across the operations, and notable progress made with its medium to long term safe production initiatives.

These include the constitution of our Global Safe Production Advisory Panel, comprised of five leading safety experts from around the world, to assist in adopting a more forward looking position that anticipates the emergence of new leading safety practices, and investing in the identification and development of new safe production technologies through the DigiMine Partnership with the University of Witwatersrand, complemented by a global academic network of leading mine safety experts.

The “Zero Harm Strategic Framework”, which was developed through multi-stakeholder collaboration during three Safety Summits convened by Sibanye-Stillwater, will also guide its long term sustainable safety improvements in 2019 and beyond.

Neal Froneman, CEO of Sibanye Stillwater said:

“Despite the numerous challenges we faced during the year, it was extremely pleasing to note the manner in which the Sibanye-Stillwater team pulled together to proactively address these challenges. I firmly believe that the Group has ultimately emerged stronger, and better positioned to continue delivering superior value to all stakeholders.”