Base Metals

The most common base metals are copper, lead,nickel, tin, aluminium, and zinc. Base metals are used in a wide variety of applications. For example, lead has proven to be a reliable source for batteries, and nickel often is used to strengthen and harden metal alloys, including stainless steel. Base metals also are used frequently to coat other metals. For example, zinc is used to coat galvanized steel.


Glencore comments on corruption allegations

Glencore understands that the CFTC’s investigations have a similar scope as the current ongoing investigation by the US Department of Justice.

New rail solutions JV fills a pit-to-port gap

ELB Engineering has elevated its status from a pit-and-port solutions provider to a pit-to-port solutions expert.

Kumba commits R2 billion to small business development

Kumba Iron Ore has grown its small business procurement targets by 75% from R 500 million two years ago, to a target of R 2 billion by the end of 2019.

Special report: African energy initiatives

The development of Zimbabwe’s Great Dyke will include a 300 MW solar photovoltaic plant that will indirectly power the entire operation.
Mining Indaba Olebogeng Sentsho

Incubation fund supports emerging mining entrepreneurs

The Simba Mgodi Fund, founded by Olebogeng Sentsho, is an incubation fund designed to support emerging entrepreneurs in mining and mining services.

Implementation of autonomous systems in mining

The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) has published the Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining.

Are mining policy revisions in Africa being well received?

It’s no secret. Africa is mostly run by populist governments. Those who win over the masses with their promises of transformation will rule the roost.

France showcases technical expertise at DRC Mining Week

Exclusive interview with Sophie Olivier, Directrice Générale, CCI Franco-Congolaise and convenor of the French Pavilion at the upcoming DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi in June

Mining operations resume at Munali nickel mine

Mabiza Resources and its major investor CNM, have announced the resumption of mining operations at the Munali nickel mine in Southern Zambia.

FLSmidth Group expands Supercenter in South Africa

FLSmidth Group CEO, Thomas Schulz, speaks about the expanded facilities at its Delmas Supercenter in South Africa.

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