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Covering mining exploration, development, mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Commodities in these regions include copper, cobalt,


TECH NEWS: African mines gear up through refurbishment services

Supplementing its refurbishment capability, the drive engineering specialist can also offer a drop-in gearbox replacement service.
circular economy

Mining in a circular economy meets stumbling blocks

Companies that take the circular economy seriously by finding creative ways to re-use the same materials will stand the test of time.
Prospect Resources

Yibin Tianyi to hold a 12% stake in AVZ Minerals

AVZ Minerals advises an equity placement of A$14.1 million to Yibin Tianyi Lithium through the issue of 314,300,000 shares at 4.5 cents per share.
AVZ Minerals

AVZ Minerals begins ESIA studies at Manono project

ASX-listed AVZ Minerals has appointed EmiAfrica to conduct environmental and social impact studies at its tier one Manono lithium and tin project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Mining is making its move

Many different materials have held the title of “most important” resource over the course of history. Industry 4.0 is another contender.
blockchain cobalt

Digital cobalt supply chain ready for 2020

A digital supply chain for cobalt has moved beyond pilot phase and is progressing toward live production computing environments starting in spring 2020.

Infrastructure development: four lessons for managing stakeholders

Infrastructure projects entail complex ecosystems of stakeholders that requires proactive management. Understanding their needs is key.

Municipalities in Africa seek options to procure from IPPs

Energy demand in Africa is expected to double by 2050 and with its abundant supply of renewables, the continent has adequate capacity to supply this demand.
Resource Generation

Maamba Collieries in Zambia sets record straight on load-shedding

Maamba Collieries in Zambia needs ZESCO to clear outstanding debts owed to the company so it can maintain efficient operations.

What will mining operations of the future look like?

Andrew Lane from Deloitte discusses how mining operations have and should adapt to benefit from technology for successful and sustainable operations.

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