No plans for new chairman of Petra as Pouroulis exits

Petra Diamonds has considered the 22.12% vote recorded against the re-election of Adonis Pouroulis as chairman in the context of its 3-year Succession Plan.
De Beers

Exploring Voorspoed’s safety success

De Beers’ Voorspoed mine has an enviable health and safety track record.
Lucapa Mothae

Fourth +50 carat diamond recovered at Mothae

ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond and the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho have announced the recovery of an 83.9 carat diamond.

Should you invest in the DRC right now?

When the Democratic Republic of Congo introduced its new Mining Code into law in 2018, it was largely met with resistance.
Gem Diamonds

Gem Diamonds reports full year profit of US$46.6 million

LSE-listed Gem Diamonds has announced its Full Year Results for the year ending 31 December 2018 - highlighting a Revenue of US$267.3 million.

Alluvial diamond miners crippled by legislation

SADPO has attempted to highlight the diversity of the junior mining sector and the challenges of the ‘one size fits’ all approach.

How to integrate artisanal miners into official industry

While it is illegal, it is clear that artisanal mining is part and parcel of our economies, communities and the mining industry.

Cullinan hits jackpot twice in a row

Petra Diamonds has recovered a 100.83 carat D-Colour Type II gem quality diamond at its Cullinan diamond mine in South Africa.
diamond de beers

First round of the diamond beneficiators project complete

De Beers Group has concluded the first phase of its Enterprise Development Project for Diamond Beneficiators pilot project.

What is needed for the mining sector in Zimbabwe?

Mining is a crucial industry in Zimbabwe but has potential to be so much bigger. There are just a handful of mining companies in the country.

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