Diamonds & Gemstones

Diamond and Gemstones includes, diamonds, gemstones, coloured gemstones, ruby, emerald, sapphire and zircon. Diamonds includes diamond mining, diamond processing, kimberlite, alluvial diamond mining, cutting and polishing, beneficiation, diamond sorting, x-ray sorting, laboratory grown diamonds, lab grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds, diamond exploration, blockchain, Kimberley Process, diamond fingerprinting, diamond tailings, rough diamonds, blood diamonds, diamond tender.


2nd Draft FP Regulations published for comment

Industry in South Africa has one final chance to influence the content of the 2nd Draft FP Regulations before they are published.

Lucapa recovers first +100 carat diamond from Mothae

ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered its first+100 carat diamond for its Mothae mine in Lesotho, five months after commercial production started.
africa South Africa populism

South Africa must take some bold steps in mining policy

Neighbours of South Africa have thrown aside resource nationalism - why has the South African government not able to accept the good-practice lessons?

Bluerock Diamonds to double production at Kareevlei

BlueRock Diamonds plc, will implement a new mining plan at its Kareevlei diamond mine in the Kimberley region to increase production.
Cyril Ramaphosa

It’s time for Cyril Ramaphosa to deliver

Cyril Ramaphosa has assured the private sector the structure of Cabinet in will enable government to focus on generating higher economic growth.

130 carat gem quality diamond recovered at Lulo

ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company and its partners have announced the recovery of a 130 carat gem quality diamond from the Lulo diamond project in Angola.

Modular and moveable processing unlocks alluvial potential

The Northern Cape remains largely untapped because the remaining alluvial diamond deposits are considered marginal or uneconomical.
Conveyors African Mining & Crushing

Can conveyors provide miners a competitive edge?

Earthmoving vehicles are trusted workhorses on mining sites. However in-pit crushers and conveyors in open pit mines provide a competitive edge.

De Beers approves custom-built diamond recovery vessel

Debmarine Namibia, a 50:50 joint venture between De Beers and Namibia, of the construction of a new custom-built diamond recovery vessel.

Illegal mining and child labour – modern slavery in Mozambique

Gemfields has warned that illegal miners – including juveniles - are putting their lives at risk and facing “modern slavery” in Mozambique.

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