circular economy

Mining in a circular economy meets stumbling blocks

Companies that take the circular economy seriously by finding creative ways to re-use the same materials will stand the test of time.
AVZ Minerals

AVZ Minerals begins ESIA studies at Manono project

ASX-listed AVZ Minerals has appointed EmiAfrica to conduct environmental and social impact studies at its tier one Manono lithium and tin project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Circular economies: How to remove waste from value chains

Rachael Bartels from Accenture explains what a circular economy is and how to reduce toxic materials and non-renewable resources from value chains.

South Africa’s SAMESG Committee recognised for ESG reporting in mining

The SAMESG Committee, which drives the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of public reporting has announced that the SAMESG Guideline is the recipient of the 2019 United Nations Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting Honours Award.

AMD and water treatment specialist rebrands

Nafasi Water - a leading water technology and water utility service company - has formally unveiled the new name, new identity and new owners.

A universal standard for ethics, sustainability and environmental impact

CERA, the first global certification scheme to guarantee a consistent standard of environmental, social and economic impact has been launched.
TOMRA technology

Profitable green mining with advanced sorting technology

TOMRA’s sorting technology for miners has dual benefits: energy efficiency and the ability to recover ore even from sub-economic deposits or dumps.
carbon tax

It’s no longer business as usual with new Carbon Tax Act

The Carbon Tax Act places a liability on carbon-intensive industries producing greenhouse gas pollutants above a certain threshold.

World Gold Council provides clarity on the emission profile of gold

Building on the initial research of 2018, the new report offers a more comprehensive overview of the current status of gold on the climate.

What you need to know: South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan 2019

IRP 2019 sets out nine policy supply and demand side interventions in the short term to minimise the risk of load shedding.

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