New CBM-TEC mining expo to put Zambian copperbelt on the map

Kitwe mining trade event enjoys high-level Zambian support  Some 1500 mining experts are expected at the upcoming Copperbelt Mining Trade Expo and Conference or...

New players in the power sector to meet at WAPIC

WAPIC to gather some 600 power professionals in November Utilities’ challenges of finding and funding alternative ways to increase generation capacity to meet demand will...

High-level government and industry support for WAPIC in November

“Stable power supply is critical to West Africa’s economic growth” Nigeria’s Minister of Power, Hon. Minister Chinedu Nebo and Chairman of the Presidential Power Task...

Volumetric water meter with a unique design

Actaris, global manufacturer of electricity, gas, water and heat metering and systems, has launched the Aquadis+ - a new volumetric water meter with a unique and innovative design. Resulting from three years of development and laboratory tests, leading to several registered patents, the Aquadis+ combines a robust and compact design with outstanding accuracy.

Liberia liberalises electric power sector

The steps leading to liberalisation of the Liberian electric power sector have been identified by a management study, and will include the supervision of external technical assistance. As a consequence the project has been put out to tender. The initiative will begin in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, and has not been greeted with unqualified enthusiasm. While the lack of a national grid hasmeant that most businesses have made arrangements to provide their own power supply, there are also fears that liberalisation will lead to privatisation, and ultimately to increased power bills.

Optical meter reading


 MI 3 2005 CA Optical Meter Reading

When entering a low budget market such as the AMR  market for residential ustomers, alternatives must be present to allow transition phases  from on-AMR to smart meters. If OMR overcomes a set of stringent operating rules, it is a valid solution and it can serve as an alternative.The requirements are:

• Easy-to-install, nondestructive placement
• Lifespan around 10 years
• One model fits all philosophy
• Must produce reliable data

Xemex decided to take up the challenge in late 1998, and started with a low-power consuming  CMOS platform. This technology provided a camera chip and some onboard intelligence for image decoding. A pre-production model was assembled and is still active in the Demo Corner on our website. This first model could be fitted on most gas and electricity meters and had  an IR light source to ensure good decoding circumstances under all conditions.

Wireless AMR for new range of meters

Iskraemeco, a leading manufacturer of automatic metering devices, has selected Wavecom technology for use in several of its newest automatic  electricity meter reading projects. Wavecom’s wireless solutions will be integrated into Iskraemeco’s most advanced electricity meters and other telemetry devices. These meters  are targeted at deregulated energy markets and are intended for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The wireless capability provided by the Wavecom module Q2406B enables the meters to be read automatically via wireless network carriers – a preferred solution for many utility companies operating in newly deregulated markets.

Nationwide AMR network coverage

Advanced Metering Data Systems, a US-based company providing AMR technology and wireless monitoring services to electricity, water and gas utilities, has secured 652 MAS(multiple address system) exclusive-use radio spectrum licences in the recent Federal Communications Commission spectrum auction. This means that the company now owns exclusive-use spectrum for the entire United States, except for four cities.

K-type meter upgrades


Figure 1

Brooks Utility Products Group has developed a line of low profile K4 and K7 conversion kits and accessories, allowing for modern upgrades. K-Type meters were practical when utilities had 400 and 600 amp metering, but did not want the additional equipment required to use socket-style meters. This provided little flexibility for meter upgrades, new services and main-tenance, however, and the K-Base conversion products have been introduced to solve these problems.

The new products are designed to convert K-Base enclosures to accept socket-type meters, allowing utilities to switch to new metering technology such as AMR, to eliminate shop and on-site K-Type meter testing and reduce inventory costs. They include the low profile K4 and K7 conversion adapters, K7 to current transformer kit, K4 and K7 safety shield, K7 safety jumper and K-Base socket cover gasket.

Evaluating the benefits of AMR

The City of Seattle, Washington has engaged Plexus Research, Inc. to help it select meter reading technology and develop a comprehensive business analysis of its performance. 

The South Lake Union and Denny Triangle areas (SLU/DT) near downtown Seattle are undergoing extensive redevelopment with new residential, commercial and light industrial facilities. Seattle’s public utilities will install up to 20,000 new electricity and water services. The City’s meter reading staff is already working at maximum capacity, so this affords a superb opportunity to install and evaluate advanced metering and automated meter reading (AMR) technologies. New AMR systems can cost less than manual meter reading, enable better customer service, and support more efficient management of electric and water distribution.

Seattle City Light is a progressive, publicly-owned electricity utility serving approximately 385,000 customers, while Seattle Public Utilities serves over 1.3 million water customers. The two municipal utilities of Seattle are collaborating in this AMR acquisition for SLU/DT.

A competitive solicitation for procurement of up to 2,000 AMR-equipped water and electricity meters will be released to qualified suppliers in mid 2005. The meters will be integrated immediately into the mainstream operations of Seattle’s utilities. Plexus Research will support Seattle in conducting a detailed business analysis of the costs and benefits of the AMR.

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