illegal mining

TECH NEWS: How to stop illegal mining

Redundant mine shafts are becoming a growing risk for large mining houses due to a sharp spike in illegal mining activities.

Africa learns from tailings dam failures in Brazil

The mining industry in Africa has been encouraged monitor the lessons still being learned from Brazil’s highly public and fatal tailings dam failures.

De Beers Group supports technology for early detection of malaria

De Beers Group has provided R4 million to a company that is developing ground-breaking technology focused on reducing the global malaria burden.

Alphamin steers clear of Ebola with strict safety protocols

The Ebola epidemic has spread geographically to South Kivu and Goma in the DRC. To date there have been no instances near Bisie tin mine itself.
illegal mining

Police task team fights illegal mining in the Free State

A special South African Police Service, or SAPS, task team has been appointed to tackle gang violence and illegal mining in the Free State.
illegal mining

How to clamp down on illegal mining

Illegal mining leads to lost revenue and tax, lost employment opportunities, capital expenditure, exports and foreign exchange earnings.
electric motor

TECH NEWS: The importance of IE3 electric motor compliance

IE3 electric motors have made it increasingly important that the most appropriate starting method be selected to ensure optimum performance.

Africa needs a digitalization strategy to compete in global economy

Digitalization is providing the continent with the opportunity to accelerate growth and rapidly expand struggling economies.
illegal mining

Dealing with the South African surge in illegal mining

At surface and underground mines, abandoned as well as operating mines, illegal mining is a very serious challenge in South Africa.

TECH NEWS: IsoMetrix acquired to create partnership with NOSA

The Carlyle Group has acquired a majority stake in IsoMetrix, a leading environmental, health and safety company, through their Carlyle Africa Fund.

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