south africa

New surveillance project monitors mortality statistics

The NIOH in South Africa has initiated a surveillance project to determine the increase in mortality from specific diseases within occupation groups.
AST conveyor belt

Enhanced fire detection for conveyor belts

Conveyor belt fires can be devastating. They result in a considerable loss of profits and downtime and also put mineworkers in harm’s way.
De Beers

De Beers Group’s Willemien Potgieter: engineering Zero Harm

De Beers Group’s commitment to safety is unique. This is the viewpoint of the company’s current principal safety lead Willemien Potgieter.

GlassTerra project to support embankment safety monitoring

GlassTerra is collaborating with a global satellite connectivity company to conduct a pioneering proof of concept project to monitor a key embankment.

Lead poisoning reduced through safer mining in Nigeria

A pilot program to introduce safer mining practices in gold mining communities in Nigeria has reduced blood lead levels by 32% according to a study.

Data disruption: the key to ethical battery supply chains in ASM

A new data study has delivered the first ever comprehensive picture of the state of ASM in cobalt, copper and conflict minerals.
Blasting risk

Minimizing risk – raising the blasting bar higher

In every aspect of mining, the watchword is productivity. Drill and blast functions are no exception, and the pressure to perform is essential.

Wits bestows Senior Doctorate on icon of mining research

A career’s worth of mining research was recently documented by one of South Africa’s leading academics in his field, Professor Emeritus Huw Phillips.

The Digital Mine: how miners are turning a vision into reality

African and South African companies at the forefront of both the creation of transformative digital technologies on the physical and digital rockface.
ICMM safety

Collaborative initiative to develop cleaner, safer vehicles

Several stakeholders have been working diligently on an ambitious plan to accelerate the innovative development of a new generation of mine vehicles.

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