illegal mining

Dealing with the South African surge in illegal mining

At surface and underground mines, abandoned as well as operating mines, illegal mining is a very serious challenge in South Africa.

What lurks inside: cyber threats cannot be ignored

As the mining industry moves towards IoT and automation to boost productivity and efficiency, it has inadvertently opened itself up to cyber attacks.
coal wifi

The benefits of underground Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has improved productivity and working conditions for hundreds of miners at Anglo American’s coal mining operations in South Africa.
Sustainability safety

WMI endorses best practice report for health and safety

Better safety on South African mines has meant fewer fatalities, but more must be done to improve livelihoods and inclusive growth on the back of mining.

Security technology for digital revolution era

While offering opportunities to boost productivity the mining industry's move towards technology is helping them gain competitive advantage.
Amplats Passport 360

TECH NEWS: Amplats streamlines health and safety

“We have been deploying the Passport 360 solution for all of our contractor onboarding requirements for four years," says Yolande Koekemoer from Amplats.
ums safety

How to avoid safety risks in aging infrastructure

The mining sector has entered an era where safety practises and production efficiencies and optimisation initiatives are driving business decisions.

How to ensure a healthier and safer work environment

There are various means to ensure the safety of mine employees in order for them to work effectively and positively impact on profit.
platinum energy

A game changer for energy storage safety

The renewable energy market is anticipated to grow significantly to around $1.5 billion by 2025 as most countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
Golden Rim

Mining still suspended at Youga gold mine

Despite regaining control at Youga after an armed group of artisanal miners tried to steal ore from its stockpile Avesoro suspended mining activities.

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