Solidarity slams ANC over NHI plan

Labour union, Solidarity, has strongly condemned the adoption of the controversial National Health Insurance (NHI) plan by the cabinet.

Claude Baissac: A straight talker who pulls no punches

Claude Baissac, CEO of consultancy firm, Eunomix, is well-known in African mining circles. His expert insight into the beneficiation is highly valued.
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Doing business in Africa needs an inclusive approach

Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa is estimated to rebound to 2.8% for 2019 - this is still below the 3% since 2015 according to WSP.
DRC Mining Week 2019

DRC Mining Week 2019 kicks off with energy focus

Meeting the energy demands of mining operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo was the key focus at the pre-conference session on...

This is how South Africa can bounce back

Now that the elections are over, it’s time for government - and people in South Africa, to help the nation recover and pursue progress and development.

Challenges and conflicts -millennials in the workplace

Millennials have been dubbed the most ‘impatient generation’ in the workplace, with over 90% wanting ‘rapid career progression.’

Op-ed: Mining & energy sectors need solid policy

In response to combining Mineral Resources and Energy in one ministry in South Africa, Ted Blom writes that weak policies will ultimately lead to energy poverty and mining disinvestment.

La Standard Bank redevient le principal partenaire de DRC Mining Week

Entretien exclusif avec Peter von Klemperer, cadre, Service mines et métaux à la Standard Bank, sponsor Diamond Plus lors du 15ème anniversaire de la DRC Mining Week à Lubumbashi.
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2nd Draft FP Regulations published for comment

Industry in South Africa has one final chance to influence the content of the 2nd Draft FP Regulations before they are published.

National Union of Mineworkers backs ANC

The National Union of Mineworkers Youth Structure called for all eligible voters and young people to vote for the African National Congress.

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