TECH NEWS: New industrial gear unit drives improved energy efficiency

A new and more technologically advanced industrial gear unit has been launched in South Africa and offers enhanced energy efficiency and optimisation.

Webinar recording: Should Upstream Tailings Storage Facilities be banned?

Gain insight from an expert panel as they discuss if Upstream Tailings Storage Facilities should be banned.

ArcelorMittal retrenchment strategy under scrutiny

Solidarity says it had hoped that ArcelorMittal’s second retrenchment meeting would provide greater clarity on the number of retrenchments it may be facing.

TECH NEWS: Why mines should consider natural gas an energy source

As the mining sector continuously strives to meet its growing energy demand and at the same time limit CO2 emissions with cleaner-burning alternative energy sources, why is it that only 4% of South Africa’s total energy is sourced from natural gas?
Walvis Bay Namibia

New container terminal at Walvis Bay nears completion

The New Container Terminal at Walvis Bay will have a capacity of at least 750,000 TEUs per annum, with ample space for expansion of the facility exists.

New steel supply for Nigeria is on the table

Kogi Iron has confirmed the positive capex and opex economics of its Agbaja cast steel project in Nigeria following a review undertaken by Farnborough Engineering Consulting Services.

TECH NEWS: Lephalale coal mine packed with power

The installation of a custom-designed and manufactured a technologically advanced 6 000 t power pack for a coal mine in Lephalale will effectively control the belt feeder on conveyor to determine the amount of coal feeding into the line using proportional control.

Eskom secures new coal supply contract

ASX-listed coal miner has executed a Coal Supply Agreement with Eskom for 100% of its production from its fourth operation Ubuntu colliery.
Water South Africa

TECH NEWS: Water management crucial to economic growth

Water is a precious commodity that needs to be managed wisely to serve the ever-growing population and promote economic growth.

Carl Hamm Group THE water management solutions provider

Carl Hamm Pipes, Pumps and Solutions has positioned itself at the forefront of piping technology and is steadily becoming recognised for its water management capabilities.

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