Touching the Flatreef – what a privilege!

The high-grade Flatreef ore body is a “trove” of platinum-group metals, nickel, copper and gold. It has an estimated thickness of 26 m.

Making complete underground automation a reality

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is playing a critical role in establishing Africa’s first fully-automated underground mine.

Mitigating the impact of mining on the environment

Mines will play a role in the future and by implementing long-term sustainability strategies, they will contribute to development in South Africa.

DRDGold: South Africa’s largest tailings project kicks into first gear

Surface gold tailings retreatment company, DRDGOLD, has begun the first phase of what will be one of the largest tailings operations in South Africa.

Room for improvement in environmentally sustainable practices

Mining companies are placing a greater emphasis on being sustainable to acquire and sustain a license to operate while also reducing costs.

New automation software puts artificial intelligence on the map

Micromine is not only embracing the concept of automation but is taking it to new levels through research and pilot test trial studies.

Lined tailings facilities and consequential risks

Lining is the preferred option for tailing areas to reduce environmental impact it poses a set of risks that need to be monitored and addressed.

Weir Minerals Africa evolves with market by expanding solutions

With aspirations to grow its business in an evolving mining industry, minerals processing expert Weir Minerals Africa has expanded its solutions.

Sibanye-Stillwater moves beyond environment and sustainability compliancy

Precious metals major Sibanye-Stillwater has announced a MoU to establish a South African-first agri-processing joint venture initiative.

Industry collaboration to revolutionize open pit dewatering

Turnkey dewatering specialist Carl Hamm, together with Solrock Mining Services will introduce an innovation to revolutionise dewatering in open pit mines.

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