africa funding

Funding gaps in infrastructure and energy projects in Africa

One of the key challenges in getting energy and infrastructure projects off the ground in Africa is the lack of available funding.
africa South Africa populism

How populism is making its presence felt in mining

The tide of populism sweeping the global political landscape is to filtering to local policies and decisions made in African individual countries.
junior miners

7 top tips for junior miners

For most of the past decade junior miners have collectively been starved for capital resulting in decreased exploration and economic discoveries.

Finance capacity for potash project in Morocco

Emmerson has received a formal indication of significant debt financing for its Khemisset potash project from a major European commercial bank.

The pillars of resilient mineral resource policy

Good policy stimulates progress and growth and bad or weak policies on the other hand stifle national development and stunt economic growth.

Majors support transparency of tailings storage facilities

Mining majors respond to the international requests for information and transparency on their tailings storage facilities.

Africa Clean Energy Solutions lists on SEM

ACES focuses on solar, biomass and biogas in selected African countries where it works with local partners from inception through to grid-connection.

Moving mining in Nigeria to the next level

Interview with new President of the Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN): “moving mining to the next level”

ICMM releases 2018 safety data of company members

The ICMM 2018 safety data report records 50 fatalities in 2018. This was a decrease from 51 fatalities in 2017 and 63 fatalities in 2016.

Renewable energy for mines – a must-have

Renewable energy has faced many hurdles in the mining sector. But that has since changed with plants that reduce a mining operation’s diesel consumption.

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